My role: Direction, art direction, compositing.

Lycra's agency in Brazil, Santa Clara, wanted an abstract yet creative way to represent the launch of their new campaign.
Together with the Santa Clara team, we came up with an eye pleasing video, filled with visual metaphors representing the qualities of Lycra's new product as well as their new marketing campaign.

Client: Lycra 
Agency: Santa Clara
Director: Boca Ceravolo 
Production company: Consulado


Director: Boca Ceravolo
Executive Producer: Luciana Pessoa 
Art Direction: Boca Ceravolo, Vinicius Naldi 
Design: Vinicius Naldi, Ryan Uhrich 
Animation: Rafael Morinaga, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Daniel TresD 
Compositing: Boca Ceravolo 
Producer: Laura Carvalho

Santa Clara 
Art Director: Diego Limberti 
Copywriter: Lucas Abreu 
Account manager: Maria Piraja 
Project manager: Raquel Natal

Audio by Nanuk