My role: Direction, Creative Direction, Art direction, Additional Design, Editing.

MY MTV is a show that is literally assembled by viewers. They would go online and submit their ideal selection of 8 half-hour shows to fill out a 4-hour slot, and MTV picked weekly winners to host the show on Sunday afternoons. 
The brief asked for a package that would be extensive enough to function as a mini network ID package for MY MTV, with several original IDs and bumpers. 
So we took the idea of people assembling things and came up with some quirky IDs where MTV fans build their customized MY MTV logo. Since MTV caters mostly to music and design-savvy teens and young adults, we looked at all details in clothing, body type and subject matter to try and make these IDs as fun, visually enticing and smart as possible.

Client: MTV
Director: Boca Ceravolo
Production company: Consulado
Audio: Nanuk



Broadcast Package

Client: MTV Brazil / Beto Shibata

Product: MY MTV
Direction: Boca Ceravolo
Production: Consulado
Executive Producer / Head of Production: Daniel Greco, Luciana Pessoa
Creative Direction: Andre Fiorini, Boca Ceravolo
Director of Photography: Rafael Levy
Art Direction: Henrique Folster (Lead), Boca Ceravolo, Andre Fiorini
Logo Design: Henrique Folster
Design: Henrique Folster (Lead), Sergio Rocha, Flávio Bernardes de Paula, Boca Ceravolo, Matteus de Faria
3D: Sergio Rocha, Flávio Bernardes de Paula
2D Animation: Paulo Crumbim
Stop Motion Animation: Lucas Emanuel
Compositing: Vandinho Santana
Editing: Boca Ceravolo
Producers: Bia Almeida, Mayra Sigwalt
Intern: Matteus de Faria
Audio: NANUK