My role: Co-direction, animation direction, art direction, compositing, editing.

F / Nazca S&S wanted a video tutorial to promote Skol's app "Soundspot" .
Powered by GPS , the app computes more than 270,000 downloads and allows the users to tag their favourite places in the city (a street, a square, a graffiti on a wall or a bus stop in the city, for example) with over 30 million songs.
Together with the F / Nazca S&S team, we came up with a colourful video, mixing traditional 2d animation with 3D environments to represent the app in the funnest way possible.

Agency: F / Nazca S&S
Client: Ambev
Product: SKOL
Direction: Boca Ceravolo, Andre Fiorini
Production company: Consulado


Director: Boca Ceravolo, Andre Fiorini
Animation director: Boca Ceravolo
Executive Producer: Luciana Pessoa 
Art Direction: Boca Ceravolo, Andre Fiorini
Design: João Lavieri (lead), Vinicius Capioti
Pencil test: Daniel Semanas
Character animation / Clean up: Henrique Barone
Animation: Francisco Mauro de Andrade (Chicó), Samuel Bohn, Ademar de Sena Jr
2D fx animation: Samuel Bohn
Compositing: Boca Ceravolo 
Producer: Mauricio de Andrade

Audio: RAW audio